How I Charge Landscaping Jobs Hourly vs By The Job - PRICES

SUBSCRIBE Get my 3 FREE* Videos Series There's 3 factors that come into play when I quote landscaping maintenance. 1.) Itemized price 2.) Hourly 3.) Gut feeling I add all 3 prices, then divide it by 3. (after a while you don't even have to do the math, […]

Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard and Backyard

ave you considered different landscaping ideas for front yard and backyard projects? Are you wanting to move forward but have not found pictures for your landscaping ideas for front yard and backyard? The motivation for healthier, peaceful and relaxed living is producing in a expanding awareness of the value of […]

"Trailer Setup" Landscaping & Window Cleaning Property Walk

***Get My New Audiobook on Paypal*** "Trailer Tour" Landscaping & Window Cleaning Property Walk Landscaping Business Video Course Want to Start a Window Cleaning Business? Click this Link Window Cleaning Tips PLAYLIST How to Start a Window Washing Business: Window Cleaning Solutions and Tips for the […]

ASMR Landscape Coloring Techniques

Playing with landscape graphics here. I lay down color on this drawing and soft talk you through the process of hand coloring a landscape design. I fling a lot of pens and pencils around so sound levels are not fab.

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