Landscape Photography Tips: Stay Focused with Doug McKinlay In this episode of Stay Focused, Doug demonstrates a number of tips for better landscape photography, including the use of neutral density filters, the importance of focus points, and the differences of shutter speed. Related Products at Adorama: Cokin Series P Grey Graduated Neutral Density Filter ND8X Canon […]

Advanced Photography: Landscapes | Landscape 101

Join award-winning landscape photographer Lee Acaster for a six-part guide to improving your landscape skills. Covering settings, equipment, techniques, locations and more, the series provides all the inspiration and advice you'll need to take your landscape photography to the next level; including step-by-step guides to recreating some of Lee's best-known […]

Wilson Bickford Misty Landscape Painting Techniques

Intermediate and advanced oil painting techniques from Wilson Bickford. Visit my website at Wilson Bickford Signature Oil Painting Products are found at Jerry's Artarama – Filmed by Obsidian Custom Video – and

Landscape Photography - Anatomy of a Great Picture

What goes into a great landscape photo? See how the four critical elements of any good image -Subject, Technique, Composition, and Light- are used to craft this photo from the Peruvian highlands. — Subscribe to my newsletter to receive the very best in Nature Photography and Photo Education: Newsletter Signup […]